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Regular employee appointment Osaka Day shift/9:00〜18:00 Use Chinese in work Use English in work Use Vietnamese in work Use Korean in work
Commodity Development Business

Commodity Development Business

Our goal is to bring useful things to people. We strive to create unprecedented products in the world.
People-oriented motto, we should not only create profits for ourselves, but also for the people, local and national profits.
Since its establishment in 1921, in 1998, the company has developed into a trading company for building materials. At present, as a manufacturer, we develop barrier-free materials. In 2005, through the First Reform online ordering program, we provided housing materials to 25,000 construction companies across the country. Overseas, we are expanding our products, mainly in Southeast Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.
Our advantage is trade and manufacturing. The combination of metals, wood and plastics is unrestricted and flexible to meet the needs of each user. We have maintained stability through strong trust over 98 years. Recently, we have achieved profit growth for four consecutive years.
We are in the process of life reform. Develop barrier-free building materials for the elderly, and use accumulated expertise as a trading company to manufacture hardware materials such as lever locks and door wheels. We also recommend the establishment of "BAUHAUS" brand. In 2015, we are also honored to receive the "Senior Business Operator Award" awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Industry.
For the future of the elderly population, we focus on intelligent products that support the elderly. Enhance health, make life easier and prolong life.
To that end, we look forward to finding people who share a common desire and are interested in such an environment.

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Type of occupation Trading company/Customs broker・Business work/ Planning/Consultant
Required Japanese ability N1Equivalent
Salary ●National Work (graduated from university and college) Monthly salary 204.000 yen (April 2018 data) ●Local Work (graduated from university and college) Monthly salary 170.000 yen (April 2018) Wages vary from region to region.
Working hours 9: 00-17: 15 (45-minute break)
Saturday and Sunday off Regular employee appointment Osaka N1Equivalent OK N2Equivalent OK Engineer Day shift/9:00〜18:00 Use Vietnamese in work
Engineer of Development Department

Engineer of Development Department

Our goal is to achieve business solutions that meet customer needs as well as social and time needs. We hope to create "new value".

Open and accept that all individuals fully express their abilities. We believe that you will have a comfortable working environment here. Interaction with experienced employees will also provide you with useful knowledge. In addition, we will continue to actively compete with new businesses and existing businesses to achieve new dreams and goals.

We would be happy if you were on our team.

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Type of occupation WEB/IT・Engineer
Required Japanese ability N2Equivalent
Salary 200,000 yen ~
Working hours 9:00 - 17:30
Inexperience OK Saturday and Sunday off Hire foreigners for the first time A venture company Day shift/9:00〜18:00
office work, customer service...

office work, customer service...

Established in August 2014, VEQTA Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Ehime University.
“Through new technology, the relationship between pets and people is deeper and more smiling.” We are conducting animal DNA testing and variety identification testing.
In addition to detecting hereditary diseases in dogs and cats, we are conducting prevention studies on pet genetic diseases.
We need your help, and the distance between people and pets can be closer and create more happy moments for them.
Do you want to try this kind of work?

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Type of occupation Service industry(BtoB)・Clerical work/Assistant
Required Japanese ability N2Equivalent
Salary 936yen ~ per hour ※(it is up to your Japanese level)
Working hours 9:00~18:00  (Negotiable)
Inexperience OK Work visa acquisition support Pay transportation expenses With training A workplace where foreigners are active Regular employee appointment Osaka 22:00 ~ 6:00 Late night/Early morning 18:00 ~ 22:00 Night Use Chinese in work Use Vietnamese in work
Recruiting production staff

Recruiting production staff

Electroplating of electrons in various electronic devices such as automobiles, home appliances, game machines, and mobile phones.
Without this treatment, neither the car nor the pepper (the name of the robot) will work.
Many foreigners, such as China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, are also working. This is a bright international company.
Even if you are not familiar with the business, we will guide you from the beginning.
If you have any concerns, you can come to our company to visit and learn about us.
Do you want to be a member of our company?

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Type of occupation Manufacture・Engineer
Required Japanese ability N4Equivalent
Salary 190,000+ ability
Working hours Full time A 8: 00 ~ 17: 00 B 20: 00 ~ 5: 00
Pay transportation expenses Hourly wages over 1000 yen N1Equivalent OK N2Equivalent OK N3Equivalent OK Use Chinese in work
The famous imported brand (Moschino Bruma) in the GINZASIX store ・Men's salesman

The famous imported brand (Moschino Bruma) in the GINZASIX store ・Men's salesman

Work at Ginza SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area!
Popular brands from Italy's

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Type of occupation Apparel industry/Fashion・Service trade/Sales work
Required Japanese ability N3Equivalent
Salary 1,250 yen per hour
Working hours A few hours between 16:00 and 20:00 ( negotiaty)